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Elyse Hendry
Trainee Travel Consultant

When did you start working in the travel industry?

I started working in the travel industry in February 2019. I am currently studying Travel and Tourism level three, second year as I am interested in the travel industry. For my course I had to do work experience, luckily I got accepted at Fred. Olsen and after my work experience I was offered a Saturday job.

What is your favourite thing about your job?

I love finding out new facts and information about different countries. This may be from my colleagues, personal research or customers. I also enjoy talking to customers.

Where would you like to visit next?

I would like to visit Australia because I have got family and friends over there that I would love to visit.

What is your dream holiday destination?

I would love to go to Sri Lanka, I love animals, especially elephants and turtle's, so I would love to go and help them in the nature reserves. It also has amazing landscapes.

What were your favourite childhood holidays?

One of my favourite holidays as a child was probably Somerset.

What are the first three things in your case?

1) My pyjamas

2) Shoes

3) 110 pairs of socks

My Favourite Memory

My favourite trip I have been was to DisneyLand Paris, because I love Disney and it was my first trip outside of the UK.


's Top Tips

1) Make sure you have all your tickets, maps and vouchers all in a plastic wallet. This will keep them all together and you'll be less likely to lose them.

2) Plan out your outfits so you don't over pack or forget a certain piece of clothing.

3) If you're going to the airport, put a bit of ribbon on the handle of your suitcase so you can easily identify your suitcase at luggage reclaim.


's Cruise Tips