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A Wendy Wu Escapade into China's Enchanting Heart

Embarking on an educational adventure with Wendy Wu brought an added layer of convenience to our journey, as we gathered at the airport for a meticulously organized group tour. The seamless check-in process and Wendy Wu's assistance with our visas through DJB ensured a hassle-free experience, leaving us with the freedom to focus on the upcoming exploration.

I highly recommend Wendy Wu for the inclusive visa services and the invaluable presence of an escorted tour guide, particularly beneficial when navigating the intricacies of a country like China. Our accommodations were not only modern and spotless but also strategically located in central areas, providing easy access to the vibrant surroundings whenever we wished to venture beyond the hotel walls.

The facilities were fantastic, from delicious breakfast options to well-appointed room amenities like slippers and robes. Our journey unfolded with visits to captivating destinations, each leaving an indelible mark on our travel memories.

Here are a few of the destinations we visited whilst on the trip:

  • We explored the picturesque Orange Island, adorned with a striking statue of Mao Zedong, the influential Chinese leader, and luscious gardens.
  • Zhangjiajie, renowned for its 3,000 sandstone pillars featured in the iconic film Avatar, offered a truly scenic experience.
  • Tianmen Mountain, with its dramatic vertical cliff face and breathtaking "Heaven's Gate," accessed via a thrilling cable car ride, showcased nature's grandeur in all its glory.
  • Lake Baofeng, nestled in the mountains, treated us to an abundance of fresh water and stunning waterfalls.
  • The Grand Canyon in Zhangjiajie, home to the world's highest and longest glass bridge, stood as a testament to China's natural wonders.
  • The Charm Xiangxi Performance immersed us in the rich cultural heritage of the Xiangxi Tujia and Miao, featuring traditional music, dance, and folklore.
  • Our journey also extended to the Hunan Museum, a cultural gem housing artefacts spanning thousands of years.
  • Yuelu Academy, prestigious educational institution with a profound history dating over a thousand years, nestled on the slopes of Yuelu Mountain. The academy is not only a symbol of academic excellence but also a place of natural beauty. As one of the four great ancient academies in China, Yuelu Academy has been a centre for Confucian studies, attracting scholars from all over the world.

The Avatar mountains were a highlight of my trip, beckoning us with their breath-taking sand pillars, while Tianmen Mountains, famous for the "Heaven's Gate" and 999 steps, promised panoramic views (though regrettably, time constraints prevented us from ascending the steps).

This destination is ideal for those who relish scenic views, enjoy walking holidays (as there is ample walking involved), and seek cultural exploration.

My top tips for fellow travellers include:

  • Booking a tour for a comprehensive experience
  • Wearing comfortable clothes suitable for extensive walking
  • Bringing a backpack for convenience in mountainous terrain
  • Packing a raincoat and warm clothing to combat the chill at higher altitudes

As a rural gem of China, the Hunan province offers not only a taste of local Changsa and Zhangjiajie dishes but also unparalleled scenic routes that should not be missed. The region's beautiful architecture, adorned with colourful temples, adds an extra layer of charm to this already enchanting destination.

You can find Laura at our Felixstowe branch.