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Meet P&O Cruises Food Heroes

Embark on a gastronomic journey with P&O Cruises as we introduce you to their remarkable Food Heroes. From culinary legends to rising stars, our lineup is sure to tantalize your taste buds and awaken your senses.

Marco Pierre White: The Godfather of British Cooking

Marco Pierre White needs no introduction. His culinary prowess has captivated the world for over three decades. From humble beginnings to becoming the youngest chef to earn three Michelin stars, Marco's influence on the British culinary scene is immeasurable. Now, he brings his passion for exceptional cuisine to P&O Cruises, curating Celebration Night menus and hosting masterclasses aboard Britannia where he promises to satisfy all your culinary curiosities.

Marco will be on board Britannia for the following sailings:

Northern Europe And Scandinavia - 14 Nights - 10 May 2024

Spain Portugal And Canary Islands - 14 Nights - 5 July 2024

Mediterranean - 14 Nights - 16 August 2024

Spain Portugal And Canary Islands - 14 Nights - 4 October 2024

Olly Smith: The Wine Connoisseur Extraordinaire

Meet Olly Smith, the charismatic wine expert whose infectious enthusiasm has made him a household name. With numerous accolades to his name, including International Wine and Spirits Communicator of the Year, Olly is the ultimate authority on all things wine. As P&O Cruises' resident wine expert, he oversees The Glass House, crafting exquisite wine pairings and tasting experiences for guests to savour. Join Olly on selected cruises for tasting masterclasses, book signings, and engaging Q&A sessions.

Olly will be on board Arvia for the following sailing:

Mediterranean - 14 nights - 12th May 2024

Mediterranean - 14 Nights - 7th July 2024

Belgium And France - 4 Nights - 21 October 2024

Shivi Ramoutar: The Queen of Contemporary Caribbean Cooking

Hailing from Trinidad, Shivi Ramoutar brings the vibrant flavours of the Caribbean to the table. Dubbed the 'Caribbean food supremo' by The Guardian, Shivi's culinary creations are a fusion of tradition and innovation. Celebrate the zesty flavours of this sun-drenched region by tasting her exclusive range of dishes in Taste 360 and The Beach House on Arvia and Britannia.

Shivi will be on board Arvia for the following sailing:

Caribbean - 7 Nights - 23rd November 2024

Kjartan Skjelde: Championing Nordic Fine Dining

Born and raised in Stavanger, Norway, Kjartan Skjelde is on a mission to showcase Nordic cuisine to the world. As the founder of Tango and Fish & Cow brasserie, Kjartan's culinary philosophy revolves around quality ingredients and cooking from scratch. Join him on Iona for a bespoke six-course taster menu at Epicurean, where he celebrates the bounties of Norway's wilderness.

Kjartan will be on board Iona for the following sailing:

Norwegian Fjords - 7 Nights - 1 June 2024

José Pizarro: The Maestro of Spanish Cuisine

Hailing from Cáceres, Spain, José Pizarro's culinary journey began on his family farm. With a passion for fresh, seasonal ingredients, José has conquered the Spanish culinary scene with his simple yet exquisite dishes. Experience his bespoke tapas menus at The Glass House, or delight in street-food-style delights at Taste 360 aboard Arvia and Iona.

José will be on board for the following sailings:

Mediterranean - Arvia - 14 Nights - 1 September 2024

Spain Portugal And Canary Islands - Iona - 14 Nights - 21 Sep 2024

Join us as we set sail onboard P&O Cruises with these culinary luminaries, where every meal is an adventure and every bite is a revelation.