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FRED. Olsen Cruises from
Rosyth (Edinburgh)

The port town of Rosyth is located in Fife, Scotland, and is centred on the iconic Rosyth Castle. Up until the 20th century, this castle was surrounded by water and much of what exists of the town today has been built on reclaimed land. It is situated just across the Forth Road Bridge from the city of Edinburgh, which is well worth spending a day or two exploring on its own.

Fred. Olsen Cruise Lines both operates cruises from Rosyth, with itineraries taking passengers into Northern Europe, the Norwegian fjords, and the Arctic Circle. Situated just north of Edinburgh, it is an ideal option for holidaymakers from central Scotland and northern England.

Rosyth is easily accessible via road and is located just 12 miles north of the Scottish capital. The two settlements are also well-connected via twice-hourly direct rail services. If you are planning on spending a night or two in Edinburgh prior to or after your cruise, your best option may be to fly into Edinburgh Airport, which is located just outside the city centre.