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Black Sea

Black sea cruises offer a wealth of breathtaking ports in Turkey, Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Bulgaria. From the magnificent city of Istanbul where European and Asian cultures merge to fashionable Ukrainian ports Odessa and Yalta, the region will take your breath away with its cultural landmarks.

A kaleidoscope of street scenes, the serenity of the surrounding waters and miles of sandy beaches characterise Turkey, with places like Istanbul, Bodrum and Trabzon offering one intriguing adventure after another. The influence of Asia and Europe, the religion of Christians and Muslims, and the culture of Turks, Persians and Asians have all found their way into the daily life of the bustling metropolis of Istanbul. Trabzon has an array of historic churches, monasteries and museums to explore along the Silk Road.

In Russia the fresh air, majestic mountain scenery, mineral springs, long beaches, warm sunny days, and bustling nightlife in Sochi are a big draw, as are the wineries of Novorossiysk.

Stops in the Ukraine boast spacious parks, elegant mansions that date from the days of the Tsars, and a spectacular coastline with forested cliffs and glorious beaches. A visit to Nessebar, Bulgaria has sapphire waters and ancient ruins waiting to be explored.

A river cruise can also take you to the shores of the Black Sea. Meander your way through Austria, Serbia, Hungary and more as you follow the route of the Danube on a 1,200 mile journey through some of Europe's oldest living cultures.

Black Sea factfile

  • The ratio of saltwater and freshwater in the Black Sea changes according to whichever season it is, due to the amount of freshwater coming from the rivers and saltwater coming from the Mediterranean
  • According to the number of marine geologists, the black sea was a fresh water lake around 7,000 years ago, before a rise of water in the Mediterranean sea cause the entry of saltwater into the lake
  • 90% of the lower Black Sea contains no oxygen, making it impossible for life to exist below 200 meters
  • There have been wooden shipwrecks dating back to the 3rd and 5th centuries B.C. discovered at the bottom of the Black Sea during diving expeditions, they are preserved perfectly due to the environment
  • There are ten small islands in the Black Sea with unique ecosystems. These islands belong to three different countries bordering the Black Sea
  • Is the only natural boundary of Ukraine
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