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As well as being one of the world’s favourite cruising destinations, the perennially sunny Caribbean is also a big draw for holidaymakers looking for land-based adventures. The islands off the coast of Central and South America offer paradisiacal backdrops that feature sandy beaches stretching on for miles, palm trees swaying softly in the breeze and luxurious resorts where you’re waited on around the clock.

However, the Caribbean offers plenty more if you want to do something other than put your feet up all day. Adventure activities such as zip-lining,kite-surfing, cycling and caving can help you explore the land, whilst watersports like paddleboarding, diving, white-water rafting and sailing allow you to take to the waves.

Nature can also play a big part in an exciting Caribbean break in terms of beautiful backdrops and exotic wildlife. You may want to discover some of the nearby waterfalls or enjoy the breathtaking views from a high vantage point, both of which are worth the hike to get there. Meanwhile,monkeys will swing from the treetops above your head and the seas will be a wash with colour courtesy of vibrant fish.

The unique vibe and certain cultural aspects may differ from country to country, but from the Bahamas to the ABC Islands, the environment is always unmistakably Caribbean.

Caribbean factfile

  • There are around 700 islands, isles and inlets in the Caribbean but only 2% of these are inhabited
  • Around 75% of all the people living in the Caribbean reside in Cuba, the Dominican Republic and Haiti
  • The Dominican Republic is the most popular destination, receiving more than six million visitors in 2018
  • The region has been used as a filming location for all of the movies in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise and James Bond’s first film, Dr. No
  • The most widely spoken language in the Caribbean is English, but there is a higher number of people with Spanish as their prominent tongue
  • Two Caribbean islands hold world records - Saba has the shortest runway in world, whilst Jamaica has the highest number of churches per square mile