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Baltics and Russia

Russia is a destination that isn't afraid to show it penchant for the finer things in life. Imperial palaces stand proud in every city, expensive caviar and vodka are found on many menus and billionaire businessmen go about their daily business. It is a place where east meets west and the influence of both are seen in big cities and small villages. From the stories behind the powerful Tsars that once ruled the country to the beautiful works of art found in the state museums, Russia offers an eclectic mix of history and culture.

Discover St. Petersburg, and its network of canals and baroque architecture which give the city a European feel. Enjoy the city's legendary ‘White Nights’ with the sun high in the sky long into the evening.

On the doorstep of Russia are the other countries of the Baltic region. Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia may all have previous ties with Russia and still show signs of its influence, but they are wonderful destinations in their own right. Tallinn, the capital of Estonia, is one of the most captivating cities Europe has to offer. You can walk down cobbled streets, past 14th-century architecture to a thoroughly modern mix of restaurants, cafes and nightclubs, hidden away in stone walls.

Baltics and Russia Factfile

  • The Baltic states gained independence from the Russian Empire in the wake of World War I
  • Russia is the largest country in the world, almost 70 times the size of the UK.
  • Russia was the first country to launch a man into space.
  • Estonia is almost 50% forest.
  • Russia has very distinct seasons. In some parts of the east, the difference between the coldest and hottest days could be up to 65 degrees
  • Estonia has the second highest adult literacy rates in the world, 99.8% of adults are literate
  • Lithuania's Stelmuze Oak is the oldest tree in Europe
  • Latvia has some of the fastest internet speeds in the world